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Charity care

Charity care refers to uncompensated care. It is health care provided for free or at reduced prices to low income patients. There are people in the society who suffer from serious orthopaedic ailments but they are forced to live with those ailments because they are unable to afford the expensive surgeries.

Surgeries like knee or hip replacement are considered to be one of the major surgeries that cost very high. The Middle and the Lower class people cannot afford such surgeries hence Dr. Milind Patil started performing these surgeries at his Revival Bone and Joint Hospital at affordable prices using the standard income thresholds used by the state to define poverty levels. Once the patient submits the valid required documents to the hospital authority, we at Revival Bone and Joint Hospital try our level best to provide premium services at affordable rates.

To get the benefit of the low cost Knee replacement surgeries a patient need to provide an annual income certificate from your Local MLA / CORPORATOR etc. After evaluating and verification of the documents you will be recommended to get the benefit by the hospital panel doctors and management.

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