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Revival Telemedicine

The telemedicine section we need to provided for patient who are staying far off in different countries and in certain situation when they feel to follow up with the revival hospital either those who are already operated earlier or those who wish to get to be operated they may contact to the number which are provide here below. We are giving you first number which is normal number for the contact.

In the case of emergency the number is given below need to be contacted only in emergency and if you are not able to contact the normal number.

We would be happy if you send the detail through e – mail to us then the necessary concern doctor will have a review and then he will talk with you which will save your time and also help us to know the situation where you will need our support.

Normal contact number +91-22-25372237.

(Your line will be transferred to a senior sister and she will take down your history and she will reply you after discussion with Dr. Milind Patil.

Emergency: Contact numbers

Doctor: + 91 8879441036
Admin: + 91 8879441037
Nurse: +91 8879441038

Almost day by day the world grows more competitive and more closer due to rapid growth the same technologies. More hospitalization comlete for the same cases and subjects. After Total Quality Management, Dr. Milind Patil’s Revival Bone and Joint Hospital have been after Total Quality life of people. That is another term for excellence of life without pain.

Dr. Milind Patil in collaboration with Rotary Club of Kalyan, Dombivali and many other institute had started free to charitable camps for knee and Hip health check – up. He had proved himself supportive to society in facilitating to masses and the needy people to take the benefits of new technologies in mitigating their pain and enjoy their life at time of golden period in their age.

Surgeries like knee replacement is considered to be one of the major surgery and cost is very high. Majority of people in the society can’t afford these surgeries.

Dr. Milind Patil had started doing these surgeries at his Revival hospital at very affordable cost. To get the benefit of the low cost Knee replacement surgeries a patient need to provide an annual income certificate from your Local MLA / CORPORATOR etc. After evaluating and verification of the documents you will be recommended to get the benefit by the hospital panel doctors and management.

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